Capturing light, feelings & moments and all the things in between.

These photos capture the fun, creative, and lasting memories of your special day, and showcase the authentic interactions between you and your partner. May these photos serve as a reminder of the love that you both share. We'll spend a couple hours together at the location of your choosing, capturing memories that will last a lifetime.

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What locations do you you recommend for our engagement + couples session?

I love brainstorming with my clients to come up with the perfect location. For engagement sessions - maybe you'd like it to be where you had your first date? Or your favorite date night spot in Cleveland or Akron? For maternity - I often suggest somewhere in nature, as the maternal feeling often connects to nature. Or maybe being in your home is something you cherish and want to be in your space for the photoshoot. Whatever your idea is - I'd love to work with you. And if you're feeling lost - I'll happily brainstorm and give you some of my popular locations that include - wide open fields, private lakes, wooded areas. And of course, the seasons play a role in the selection of your photo location. I am happy to always work with you and the service area includes locations up to 30 minute drive outside of Akron Ohio. I do offer further location shoots for an additional fee.

What do we wear for our engagement + couples session?

First it depends on what time of year. You don't want to look like you're freezing or drenched in sweat - so it is recommend dressing weather appropriate and comfortable. And since Ohio weather is a little crazy - you might want some back up layering options for last minute weather changes. Also it's a good idea to coordinate colors for the photoshoot. However, it's not ideal to have every outfit exactly match. Instead coordinate neutral shades of a color. Like Navy, light blue and white with a color accent like red. Or neutral grays with denim and a pop of a muted color. Seasons also play a role in color choices for photoshoots. Typically the fall leaves look best with warm colors like browns, oranges, deep yellows, golds, maroons and dark purples or egg plants. Summer is a beautiful time to mix white with denim and grey and pops of bright colors. Winter looks lovely with warm plaids, reds and navy. Get inspired online by looking at seasonal family portraits to see what color schemes grab your eye. Lay out the clothes together on the bed and see how they look as a collection. Don't be afraid to use accessories like necklaces, ties, suspenders, hats, layered shirts and sweaters for the guys and fun shoes! If you have enough time - utilize the internet for amazing deals on kids clothes that aren't as readily available in stores - especially if you're going for a timeless vintage look. And always feel free to shoot a text with a photo of your idea if you need feedback - I love helping your vision come together for the most memorable family photos!

When will I get my portraits back?

Turn around time is typically 2-3 weeks. Need them faster? No worries! Orders can be rushed for $49 in most cases.

What should we bring to our engagement + couples session?

Outfits, brush, mirror and any makeup to touch up your look. If you're going to be hiking through woods, fields or water - recommend boots and a bag to carry the actual shoes in.

What if the weather is bad for the photoshoot?

I'll be watching the weather closely as your day arrives and get in touch the day before to reschedule if necessary. We want the best results for your special pictures! We never charge additional for rebooking due to bad weather.

Can we bring out pet?

ABSOLUTELY!! They are part of your family. I love all animals and if you are comfortable bringing them to the location it will be a great addition to your photos.