Senior Pictures

CONSULTATION - The Senior Portrait sessions begin with a free phone or in person consultation to discuss your Senior Portrait vision. I want to capture what's most important to you and reflects your personality during this special time! Wether you're into sports, art, reading, nature, dance - whatever your hobbies and interests are, we'd like to get natural photos of you that capture your passions. After discussing locations, Senior portrait outfits and the theme, we'll pick a time and day that's convenient.

BOOKING - After your consultation, to reserve your spot on your preferred day and time, you'll pay your deposit page through a secure online check out system. 

PHOTOSHOOT DAY - Arrive about 15 minutes early the day of your Senior Portrait shoot, already in your first outfit (unless it will wrinkle - then plan on changing in the car unless there's a bathroom on site). It's important to be dressed and ready as we may be targeting a specific time of day for the perfect light. The first look will take about 15-25 minutes and then you'll change into your second outfit in the car/ nearby bathroom (unless we've packed it for a hike to a waterfall for example - then a large tree may serve as your dressing room!). After the second shoot we'll head back to the car and discuss when you can expect to see your amazing Senior Portraits!

DELIVERY OF PHOTOS & EDITING/ RETOUCHING - I'll your unbranded and copyright-free Senior Portraits to you digitally via online gallery - typically within 2-3 weeks.







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What locations do you you recommend for senior portraits?

I love coming up with creative spots to capture your personality. Wether it's a field, bridge, railroad track, city scape, luxury location, rustic barn, school or track field - I will work with you on locations and/or help you come up with something great!

What do I wear to my senior portrait session?

Something that really represents YOU! Maybe a sun dress and for your second look something more casual like jeans and a dressy top. Or a suit/tie and jeans and t-shirt. Other ideas include theatrical gowns, dance costumes, cap & gown, uniforms and sports wear, vintage inspired clothing, tuxes, dresses - whatever sounds fun to you!

When will I get my senior portrait back?

Turn around time is typically 2-3 weeks. Need them faster? No worries! Orders can be rushed for $49 in most cases.

What should I bring to my senior portrait shoot?

Outfits, brush, mirror and any makeup to touch up your look. If you're going to be hiking through woods, fields or water - recommend boots and a bag to carry the actual shoes in. You should also bring any special props like sports gear (if applicable), stacks of books, instruments, or whatever is meaningful to you that you’ll want to look back on and remember about your senior year!

Can I bring someone with me to the shoot?

Absolutely! It's fun to have a close friend or parent who has a positive attitude and can build you up and can make you laugh! We recommend choosing someone who makes you laugh and you feel really good about yourself around. For an additional fee we also offer group sessions with your loved ones & friends!

What if the weather is bad for the photoshoot?

I'll be watching the weather closely as your day arrives and get in touch the day before to reschedule if necessary. We want the best results for your special pictures! We never charge additional for rebooking due to bad weather.

Can I bring my pet?

ABSOLUTELY!! I love all animals and if you are comfortable bringing them to the location it will be a great addition to your photos.